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Kak Iraj

Kak Iraj
Project Type :   Short documentary
Iran, Kurdistan
20 min

A man in love with nature and protective of the environment takes shelter in a remote house made of dilapidated TVs and tyres he has collected for long. His respect for Mother earth is unquestionable. An environmentalist and animal rights activist whose care for nature and concerns for water shortage is unique in his own way. He has chosen to live away from the city and people, however, after each visit to the city he collects all the recyclable and usable items namely plastic bottles, worn and abandoned tires on the roadsides and in nature. His job is to grow tomatoes, vegetables, and use the garden trees, grapes, and even roses that he grows and earns a living from that.



Project Type :  Documentary,Television Runtime: 45 minutes Language : English

old women

Untold Story of Fatma Kayaci

Directed by Orhan Tekeoglu
International award winner

Year 1985. Everybody talks about the 16-year old Ali Kayacı who died by falling into the fire, while staying with his aunt on the mountain pasture of 2000 meters. Ali’s step mother, their neighbor Aunt Emine says that the kid falling victim to this accident was because of Fatma Kayacı’s neglect. After this painful incident, when Fatma Kayacı hears about the accusations from her relatives and neighbors, she resents them tremendously and leaves her village not to see anyone from them again.


Directed by Director: Mohammadreza Haji Gholami
Producer: Ahad Mikaeelzadeh
87min, 2K, 2019, Color, Iran

The relationship of Soheil’s parents is not going well and his mother is trying to prepare Soheil for separation from his father. Watching the lunar eclipse is an excuse for the mother to take him to her motherhood's village. In the village, Soheil gets acquainted with Vali, and he is forced by him to steal some walnuts in their neighborhood. Eating fresh walnuts makes his hands black and he feels this is because of the guilt of stealing walnuts.

With the Wind

Directed by Mohammad Tabarsa

Runtime 70 min


Iran 2021

A mountain of trash is turning to be a lush park by the all-out efforts made by people of the area and a governor who cares about the environment.

Lost Swan




13 min


The only teacher of a traditional rural and remote village finally decides to change her gender for which she has to prepare enough money. So she accepts to become a surrogate and receives the money for her operation in return, however she cannot tell anyone about it as in her village these issues are considered taboos. She is challenged between the body of a woman and her real identity as a man


Film Category Documentary
Film ID K5-19
English Title TURTLE
Original Title: Turtle

Kurdistan/ 2021 / 52 min/th>
Director: Shahram Maslakhi
Producer: Shahram Maslakhi
Production Company:
Cinematography: Sarkew Mesgari
Scriptwriter: Shahram Maslakh
Editor: Loghman Sokhanv
Music Composer Mohammad Fereshteh Nejad
Language: Kurdish ( English Subtitle)
Main Cast: Taha Ghaffari